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Members can get privilege to write Title after name as membership qualification as FSASS, SEFM, LMSASS, RMSASS etc. Eg. Dr. K. Rahman, M.Sc., FSASS

Members will receive as prestigious membership e-certificate which is essential for academic and professional enhancement.

Only members are allowed to apply for SAS Awards.

Members will receive special waivers in publication fee in all our journals.

Members  will receive special waiver in registration fee for all National and Internal Seminar/Conferences.

Members will get weightage to become Editor in our National/International journals

Members will get a chance to become state Secretary/President in India and other countries based on their domicile.

Members will also be privileged to host the National/International Conference at their own place/country with collaboration

Doctorate degree (PhD) or Master’s degree with minimum 5 years academic or research experiences/Bachelor degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering or other professional courses with minimum 5 years’ experience.

Master’s degree in any academic fields/ Bachelor degree with minimum 5 years’ Experience/ Bachelor degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering or other professional courses

Academic qualification is  not a criteria for SEFM. SAS Eminent Fellow Membership (SEFM) is bestowed to some distinguished personalities who have contributed immensely in the filed of academics, research or social services. 

Must be a student of any Degree or Master Degree or PhD Research Scholars in any academic discipline having age below 40 years.

Must be a passed out or a student of diploma, degree, master degree or PhD courses in any academic disciplines.


About Membership

Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (SAS Society) welcomes academics, professionals, scholars, researchers, students, institutes and other academic organizations to be part and members of the society. To bring all the academics, scholars, researchers, and students under the shadow of the SAS Society, we have created an avenue for professional membership in our Society. By becoming a member, one will receive a membership e-certificate, membership qualification, and greater advantage of a special waiver for publication fees in our journals. This type of membership gives us the feeling of belonging to the same family, sense of same community, producing network among same professionals as well as help in professional advancement.

How to Join

  • To become a member, the applicant needs to fill the above membership application form online or email their details to the email id: office.sassociety@gmail.com , office@sassociety.com 
  • After receiving the applicant’s email, the Executive Committee will evaluate and communicate back to the applicant by email or the contact number they might have provided.
  • The selection of membership is based on professional qualification, academic achievements, social contribution, etc. which will be evaluated by the Executive Committee of Scholars Academic and Scientific Society.

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