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Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (SAS Society) recognize the commitment and astonishing works in all academic and research fields, Literature and Social Services.  By recognizing their contribution; SAS Society inspires and motivate scholars, researcher, academicians, intellectuals, literates and social workers by giving SAS International Academician, Researcher, Literary and many more awards. These Awards include prestigious Award Certificate, Memento and Cash Amount along with other gifts. These Awards are given in generally yearly once in Gala Award Programme conducted in some cities in India or Abroad time to time.


  1. SAS Best Director/Principal Award
  2. SAS Best Research Supervisor Award
  3. SAS Best Teacher Award
  4. SAS Best Women Faculty Award
  5. SAS Best Editor Award
  6. SAS Best Entrepreneur Award
  7. SAS Young Researcher Award (Male)
  8. SAS Young Researcher Award (Female)


  1. SAS Best Academician Award (Medical Science)
  2. SAS Best Academician Award (Life Science)
  3. SAS Best Academician Award (Humanities)
  4. SAS Best Academician Award (Management)
  5. SAS Best Academician Award (Engineering)
  6. SAS Best Academician Award (Dentistry)
  7. SAS Best Academician Award (Agriculture)
  8. SAS Best Academician Award (Nursing)
  9. SAS Best Academician Award (Pharmacy)
  10. SAS Best Academician Award (Physical Education)
  11. SAS Best Academician Award (Library Science)
  12. SAS Best Academician Award (Biomedical)
  13. SAS Best Academician Award (Traditional Medicine)
  14. SAS Best Academician Award (Law & Journalism)


  1. SAS Best Researcher Award (Medical Science)
  2. SAS Best Researcher Award (Life Science)
  3. SAS Best Researcher Award (Humanities)
  4. SAS Best Researcher Award (Management)
  5. SAS Best Researcher Award (Engineering)
  6. SAS Best Researcher Award (Dentistry)
  7. SAS Best Researcher Award (Agriculture)
  8. SAS Best Researcher Award (Nursing)
  9. SAS Best Researcher Award (Pharmacy)
  10. SAS Best Researcher Award (Physical Education)
  11. SAS Best Researcher Award (Library Science)
  12. SAS Best Researcher Award (Biomedical)
  13. SAS Best Researcher Award (Traditional Medicine)
  14. SAS Best Researcher Award (Law & Journalism)

Any Fellow Member, Life Member, Regular Member and Eminent Fellow Member can Apply.

There is no registration fee required for Application 

Last date of application is 20th October, 2022

15th November, 2022

Mobile: +91-9014252992